Victims of beach plane crash remembered through organ donation

WTSP | Jenny Dean

Rebecca Irizarry's life changed nearly two years ago when a small plane made an emergency landing on a Sarasota beach, killing her husband and young daughter.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon on Caspersen Beach in Sarasota County. A family was celebrating that day. It was Ommy and Rebecca Irrizary's 9th anniversary. Rebecca says "Anything involving the husband loved the ocean."

Ommy and his daughter, Oceana, were playing in four feet of water when a plane silently made an emergency landing on the beach hitting them. Ommy died there. Nine-year-old Oceana passed away several days later. "It's been difficult, some days have been worse than others," said Rebecca.

But one thing that wasn't difficult for Rebecca, choosing to give the gift of life. She and Ommy had previously discussed being organ donors. "It's not something we ever ... you never think about losing a child, but in that moment when I was told Oceana wasn't going to make it, I knew immediately that it was something she would want done as well. " Continue reading