Teen Gets Heart Transplant Day After Spending Prom at Hospital

ABC NEWS | Gillian Mahoney

Seattle teen says she feels "awake" again after getting a heart transplant the day after celebrating prom in the hospital.

The surgery was eight years in the making since Isabella Anderson was told at age 10 that she would likely need a heart transplant to stay alive. Diagnosed as a child with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Anderson's heart muscle was thickened causing the organ not work effectively.

"It's pretty uncommon," Anderson told ABC News. "The way I was describing it was one of [hearts] muscles was thick, but as time progressed the entire heart was dilated."

For the first years of her illness, Anderson's doctors were able to keep her mostly out of the hospital with a careful balance of monitoring and medication. But starting last year, Anderson's condition started to quickly decline. Doctors implanted a special defibrillator aimed at keeping her heart beating in a regular rhythm and this year Anderson suffered a stroke in March. While the stroke symptoms were not permanent, doctors felt she was no longer well enough to stay outside the hospital. Continue reading
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