A PERFECT MATCH Would YOU do the same? Wife selflessly donates a life-saving kidney… to her MOTHER-IN-LAW

SUN | Maryse Farag
Neil Sladick and Abbey got married last year. Facebook
A COUPLE who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary are also celebrating the fact that they found the perfect organ match for their ill mother-in-law.

When Neil Sladick tied the knot with Abbey, of Michigan, US, he had no idea that his wife would be the one to save his step mum’s life.

Cheryl Sladick has Goodpasture Syndrome, a disease that leads to kidney failure and was told by doctors she would need a kidney transplant or face being on dialysis for the rest of her life.

Her daughter and grandkids were tested but weren’t a match.

Loving wife Abbey volunteered to be tested straight away but she never thought her mother-in-law would match her.

Abbey, who is blogging about the experience, passed the first hurdle when doctors told her she had the same blood type: A positive. Continue reading
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