The agony of heart failure; the triumph of being ‘Resolute’

Lance Cunha four days after receiving a transplanted heart.

With a master’s degree from Notre Dame, ambitious and successful New Canaan Wall Street banker Lance Cunha was traveling the world’s capital markets and working in some of the world’s poorest countries.

At age 59, in 2004, he felt short of breath, tired and bloated. After a check-up with a New Canaan area physician and tests at Norwalk Hospital, Cunha was diagnosed with an enlarged, over-working heart. Over the next few years Cunha (pronounced Coonyuh) moved to the warmer climate of Atlanta, Ga., which doctors advised would reduce stress on the heart. Despite that move, Cunha became sicker with chest congestion and difficulty breathing. His heart was failing. He was dying.

‘Resolute — My Quest for a New Heart’ is the story of Lance Cunha’s fight against the failing heart, the debilitating pain and the emotional anguish of waiting for months in a hospital for a heart transplant that might never come. It is the story of the miracle that saved his life — the heart of a 20-year-old man who was killed in a car accident that did arrive and was transplanted into Cunha’s chest on New Year’s Day 2014. Continue reading
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