Families honor organ donors

Families commemorate the loss and gift of life in Longview. (Photo: KYTX)
KYTX | Greg Crosby

LONGVIEW - The families of local organ donors were honored today.

Just off Highway 80 in Longview at Good Shepherd Hospital, families gather to commemorate the loss and gift of life.

Southwest Transplant Alliance and Good Shepherd have come together to honor local organ donors and their families.

"There are people that are awaiting a transplant, a lifesaving transplant that could die at any moment and because of the selfless gift of these people that were honoring today they are alive today,” Katie Whitton with Southwest Transplant Alliance said.

A little known fact is by--law a hospital cannot be involved or facilitate the process of donating organs. It legally has to be done by a third party organization such as South West Transplant Alliance.

"Once the decision has been made we counsel the families; we give them compassionate care,” Whitton said. “We take care of the donor and recover the organ, and we make sure the organ is allocated appropriately and fairly.” Continue reading

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