'My daughter's liver was rotting - but I managed to save her life'

DAILY MAIL | Katie Pickles
Father Ryan Driva, pictured with Allie months after the transplant, said it was the 'happiest moment of his life' when he learned his liver was a match for his desperately ill daughter

Father who gave his baby a transplant urges others to become organ donors

A father who saved his baby daughter's life has shared shocking photos of her swollen stomach and rotten liver to encourage others to become organ donors.

Allie Driva's diseased liver was black and hardened - like a lump of coal - when it was removed from her tiny body in July last year.

She nearly died after suffering from biliary atresia, a condition where the bile ducts become inflamed and blocked, causing the liver to fail.

Now a healthy 18-month-old, she was saved after receiving a live transplant from her father Ryan, 30, a year ago.

Mr Driva, from Los Angeles, described how when she was born, he and Allie's mother, Analisia, put her yellowish skin and eyes down to jaundice.

But within weeks she had been diagnosed with the potentially fatal liver condition. 

In April last year, she underwent a procedure where a portion of her intestine was taken and attached to her liver to help bile flow away from the organ. Continue reading
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