Organ donation can renew lives


Amy Dean’s family will forever mourn the loss of the 21-year-old who was murdered last Friday. Her boyfriend, charged in the shooting, is housed at the Glynn County Detention Center.

Yet Dean’s family can take comfort in their decision to donate the young woman’s heart, lungs and other organs, a move that could give desperately ill people a chance to live. Dean’s relatives are certain that she would have readily agreed with that choice.

As her stepmother, Crystal Dean, told The News: “Amy was such a giving, light-hearted vocal person. And she would climb mountains and swim rivers to do something for someone. So with that in mind, the decision became easy to give to any and everyone and as many as she possibly can with every viable part of her.

”It’s gratifying that more than 100 million people in the U.S. currently are registered as possible donors. Yet far more are needed. According to, nearly 30,000 people received organ donations in 2014 alone. Yet 22 people every day died because the number of donated organs were insufficient. Continue reading
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In California:
To ensure donation happens, please share your decision with your family. At stake is the legacy you wish to leave.