Reward organ donors, and thousands of lives will be saved


HOWARD BROADMAN IS a retired California judge with an active private practice as an arbitrator. He is also the grandfather of a little boy named Quinn, who was born with serious kidney problems. In time Quinn will require regular dialysis to stay alive until he’s eligible for a kidney transplant. Broadman would gladly have donated one of his own kidneys to save his grandson’s life. But Quinn is still too young for a transplant — and by the time he’s ready, his grandfather will be too old.

So Broadman, together with transplant surgeon Jeffrey Veale, proposed an arrangement to the UCLA Medical Center: He would donate a kidney to a patient who needs one now, in exchange for a “voucher” that Quinn can use when he needs a transplant in the future. UCLA not only agreed to the proposal, it inspired 10 other hospitals around the country to offer the same arrangement to potential kidney donors: Save a stranger’s life today so your loved one’s life can be saved in the future. Continue reading
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