Saving A Stranger's Life Through Organ Donation

WICS | Esther Kwon

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) — There was an emotional meeting between two strangers Thursday as one man made a decision to save the other's life. Newschannel 20's Esther Kwon tells us the heartwarming story of Justin Maduena's life-saving random act of kindness.

Justin Maduena's wife, Melinda Maduena, shared a Facebook post with her husband showing a young woman's car with a message pleading for a kidney donor for her dad. That's all it took for Justin to pick up the phone. "Without even thinking twice about it, I was like, 'I'm going to call this guy,'" said Justin. "So, lo and behold, he answered the phone. I said, 'Hi, my name's Justin. My wife saw this car driving around town. I said, somebody needs a kidney. How can I help?"

Local Dawson resident and father of six, Justin says all he had to do was put himself in someone else's shoes. "What if something happened to me and none of my family or friends could help me? I would hope somebody would step forward."

Justin met the recipient of his kidney Thursday, Chicago area resident Stewart Botsford. When asked his reaction to hearing the news, Stewart said, "Unbelievable, shocked, happy, joy. Just like winning the lotto - just another version, you know?" Continue reading

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