Transplant Games Medalist Urges Others To Sign Donor Cards


A St. John's man will be heading to Spain next year to compete at the International Transplant Games after winning six medals in Toronto this month.

Jonathan Hickman is 47 years old, he was diagnosed with a kidney disease at a young age. Last year he was forced to undergo a kidney transplant which made him realize how difficult it is for people to receive organs. That's when Hickman decided to participate in the games.

He says while he was in Toronto he realized the hardships people go through. He says a man he became friends with went from being a healthy, active person to not knowing whether he would see his family again after he learned he needed a heart transplant. Hickman says the best part was hearing about the lives that were changed because of someone's generosity.

Hickman says it's more about the message than the medals. He says for a lot of people an organ transplant is something they didn't prepare for and it's shocking to them and there families when they realize how few donors are out there. He says one donor can save eight lives and that people should take the time sign up as a donor. Continue reading
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