Urban Housecall Docs Debunk Misconceptions About Black Organ Donation


"Miseducation" and "not enough information about the facts" are at the root of the misconceptions African-Americans have regarding organ donation.

If you are Black in America, chances are you know of someone who needs an organ donation. But how many of us have filled out an organ donation card?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, African-Americans compose the largest group of minorities on the organ donation list at thirty percent, but only make up sixteen percent of donors.

Why is there such a huge gap between those who need an organ and those who actually donate organs? The Urban Housecall Doctors, Dr. Karla and Dr. Rob, recently spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the donation gap and took the opportunity to dispel some of the misconceptions regarding organ donation.

Dr. Robert Robinson III said many African-Americans do not register to be organ donors as a result of fear. Dr. Rob said, “They feel that if they experience a health emergency that they won’t be treated because they’ll see ‘we got organs.'”

Dr. Rob assured viewers this is not the case and said often times when a patient comes into the emergency room for treatment, doctors “don’t know that someone is an organ donor.” Continue reading

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