Kidney 'triple transplant chain' rule change brings hope to thousands and has already saved 48 people

MIRROR UK | Andrew Gregory

Healthy kidneys can be transplanted from a living donor (Photo: Getty Images)

Sixteen hero Brits have saved the lives of 48 desperately sick ­strangers in an amazing chain of transplants , the Mirror can reveal.

Rule changes last year mean more healthy kidneys are available – bringing fresh hope to ­thousands of patients on the waiting list.

From April 2015, it became possible for a stranger to give up a kidney and spark a series of donations. We have discovered that for each of 16 such donations, three people received a transplant.

Previously, the chain was limited to two people who were in the National Living Donor Sharing Scheme, set up to allow pooling of organs from willing donors not a match for their own sick loved ones.

Under triple transplant chains, a stranger’s kidney is allocated to the first recipient, a patient who is enrolled in the sharing scheme. Continue reading
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