Matthew gave his organs so that others could live. Would you?

Matthew Ferguson

During Organ Donation Week, Sally Bee explores whether the current ‘opt-in’ register is working, and meets a family that had to give the most difficult of answers 

How should I begin this post? I could start with a story of hope, new life, inspiration and survival. A life saved. Or I could begin with tragedy, suffering, trauma, and death. A life lost. I think I should start by explaining that I am potentially a future member of the organ donation club, but which camp I’ll end up in remains written in the stars. 

My heart failed me 12 years ago. Three massive heart attacks at the age of 36 left my heart damaged and prone to the possibility of collapse. But this story isn’t about the state of my heart now. It is what it is. Today my heart beats so I’m not a member of the club. Yet.

But this Organ Donation Week, I wanted to find out more about both sides of organ donation. The truth is, if in the future my heart goes into complete failure, then a heart transplant would be a lifesaving option for me. And if that precious heart doesn’t become available, I have other organs, eyes and skin that could be donated to save someone else. Continue reading
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