Quadruple amputee poses nude to shine light on organ donation as she desperately seeks hand transplant

MIRROR | Ella Rickover

Corinne Hutton had both her hands and her legs amputated three years ago after suffering acute pneumonia and septicemia

Brave Corinne bared all for the shoot
A quadruple amputee has posed nude in stunning bodypaint to turn the spotlight on organ and limb donation .

Corinne Hutton has been on the waiting list for a double hand transplant for two years.

The single mum, from Glasgow, had both her hands and her legs below the knee amputated three years ago after suffering acute pneumonia and septicaemia.

Experts are trying to find suitable hands that match Ms Hutton's on blood group, skin tone and hand size.

In July, Chris King became the first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant at Leeds General Infirmary.

The same surgeon, Professor Simon Kay, will lead on Ms Hutton's operation once a suitable donor has been found.

The hands now used by Mr King were initially identified as a potential match for Ms Hutton, but after they were ruled out for her, they were then used in the surgery for Mr King. Continue reading
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