4th transplant appears to be the charm for Pueblo West man

CHIEFTAIN PHOTO/JOHN JAQUES Chad Mooring (left) has had his fourth kidney donation with help from his sister Nicole Henderson. Photo taken in Pueblo West on Thursday.
Less than four weeks after a Pueblo West man received his fourth kidney transplant, he was able to drink more than 32 ounces of liquid in mere minutes.

Before Sept. 22 — the date of his latest surgery — Chad Mooring, 46, sometimes experienced high blood pressure and other troublesome symptoms while simply sipping a small glass of water, because his kidneys couldn’t keep up.

From January through September — and a few years before his third transplant — the retired firefighter and paramedic spent three days a week on dialysis, with each session lasting about four and a half hours. On those days, family members said his complexion turned gray and lifeless.

“Dialysis takes everything out of you,” Mooring said. “All I wanted to do was sleep.”

Mooring’s health has changed dramatically since receiving his latest kidney. Now he is able to spend quality time with his four sons: Hunter, 17; Raif, 13; Griffin, 11; and Beau, 7. Continue reading

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