82 percent of Pennsylvania non-organ donors willing to accept transplant if they were sick, injured

LANCASTER | Meagan Finnerty

Most Pennsylvanians who aren't registered as organ donors would be willing to accept an organ if they needed one.

Four out of five non-donors, or 82 percent, said they'd accept an organ donation if necessary, a survey by Donate Life PA found.

When asked if only registered donors should be eligible to receive an organ transplant, nearly 9 out of 10 said no.

The gap supports data from the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), located in Pittsburgh. CORE research has shown that over 90 percent of Pennsylvanians support organ and tissue donation, but only 46 percent are registered organ donors.

The reasons ranged from simply not taking the time to do it, to the fear that a doctor may let you die in order to harvest organs for others, Howard M. Nathan explained to Donate Life PA. Nathan is the president and CEO of Gift of Life Donor program in Philadelphia.

"One woman told us, 'The thought of part of me living on after I die unsettles me,'" Nathan said.

Here's a breakdown of poll responses from 400 Pennsylvanian non-donors:

  • 23 percent: Didn't take the time or hadn't thought about it
  • 21 percent: Didn't think they were healthy or young enough
  • 15 percent: Were convinced to register after being asked
  • 10 percent: Believe doctors would not treat them "to their fullest abilities" so they could harvest their organs
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