A Castle Rock mom who lost her son aids in a life-saving transplant for a critically ill friend

THE DENVER CHANNEL | Mitch Jelniker, Brad Bogott

This may be the perfect gift this holiday season. It involves two remarkable families that have been drawn together through loss, love and an incredible life-saving gesture.

It begins with a young man from Castle Rock who loved mountain climbing.

"Smartest, funniest kid, wicked sense of humor. He was very, very bright," said his mom, Karen Kennedy.

Cole Kennedy was just 23 when he was killed while mountain climbing in Peru.

Rushing to his family's side were long-time Castle Rock neighbors and friends, Lisa and Steve Rice.

"Steve and Lisa were probably some of the first people here. I remember that," said Karen.

The two families are quite close. They have vacationed together over the years.

Their boys, Eric and Cole enjoyed hanging out together and were the same age. Continue reading