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Greg Hasberry, Cade Kuykendall and Bob Kuykendall plan to hike Mount Kilimanjaro this summer. Erica Techo
In May 2015, Greg Hasberry and Bob Kuykendall were undergoing surgery. For Hasberry, it was a lifesaving surgery. For Kuykendall, it was life-giving — he was giving Hasberry one of his kidneys.

The two men have undergone a year and a half of recovery since their kidney surgeries, and in June, they plan on taking on a new challenge — Mount Kilimanjaro. Hasberry, Kuykendall and his son, Cade Kuykendall, plan to go on the trip, and they hope it will carry several messages. One hope is that they can raise money and awareness for the Kidney Foundation; another is to encourage everyone to give back. They also hope by sharing personal stories of physical, emotional and spiritual struggle, they can help others through the difficult times they are facing.

“When I heard about this potential Kilimanjaro thing, I thought, ‘That’s what we need, a new struggle to do together,’” Kuykendall said. “Something to overcome because that seems to be the only way to get people.”

They hope to connect with people overcoming their own struggles, whether money or stress or depression, Kuykendall said. Both he and Hasberry had to confront their own obstacles around the time of the transplant surgery. Continue reading


bobkuykendall said…
Thanks for posting the article. We are so excited to be a part of a story that helps to spread the word about organ donation.

Bob Kuykendall
Team Mountain
soon to launch TeamMountain.org so you can follow along.