A Second Chance At Life


Life goes like this: everyone is born with a destiny; to make their mark on Earth before their time runs out. For many people, a new purpose in life comes at a much later age. That was not the case for Michael Reed.

In 2014, the 16-year-old sophomore from MacArthur High School received a kidney transplant from his father. That miraculous gift not only bestowed upon Reed another chance at life, but the opportunity to become bigger than what he thought he could be.

“I had cancer when I was born. The doctors found out a few months later because my mom also had cancer when she gave birth,” said Reed. “They don’t know the cause, but feel like that had something to do with it.”

Reed’s parents did not tell their son his diagnosis until the age of 12, when he learned that he needed a new kidney because of vesicoureteral reflux, which is how his kidney disease occurred. Continue reading