Donors, recipients find hope in organ donation

GREAT FALL TRIBUNE | Traci Rosenbaum

As of Dec. 1, Montana’s waiting list had 202 people on it who are waiting for a life-saving organ.(Photo: Getty Images)
In 2004, Sherie Tosoro’s son, Max, was a healthy 10 year old. He was bright and active and loved to play baseball, so nothing prepared the family when Max got sick.

“He got sick very suddenly,” said Tosoro, whose family lives in Lolo. “Truly, he woke up one morning and was bright yellow.”

They took Max to the hospital, where at first, he was diagnosed with hepatitis. The tests came back negative. Doctors sent the family home, saying they’d do some more tests in a couple of days. But during that time, Max got worse.

“One evening at baseball, he took himself out of the game, which was unheard of for him,” Tesoro said. “His nose started to bleed and it wouldn’t quit.”

Max’s liver was failing, and there was no time to lose.

“By the time we got from our house to the emergency room, they already had a fixed-wing airlift northwest on route from Seattle to Missoula to pick us up,” Tesoro recalled. Continue reading