Have you talked to your family about organ donation?

NEW SCIENTISTS | Justin Mullins

IF YOU or one of your children needed a heart transplant, your gratitude to the family that donated one would be boundless. In their hour of greatest despair that family would have consented to an organ donation, a selfless, life-saving choice.

But if the positions were reversed, could you make the same decision? Sadly, the number of donor hearts does not match demand. That means many adults and children die waiting. Every death is the loss of a father or a son, a mother or a daughter.

Part of the problem is that not enough families give their consent. In the UK only 60 per cent agree compared with 80 per cent in many other European countries. That means 4 out of 10 families who are approached in the UK refuse to donate. Continue reading
You have the power to SAVE Lives
We are asking you to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.
In California:
To ensure donation happens, please share your decision with your family. At stake is the legacy you wish to leave.