I tried to give my kidney to my boyfriend. He broke up with me anyway.

LOS ANGELES TIMES | Rebecca Warhead 

For me, organ donation was never a question. (Steve Sedam / For The Times)

“For better, for worse … in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” We’ve watched our loved ones make that commitment to one another, the biggest promise we can make to another human in this life.

But what if one person gets sick — very sick, the kind that won’t get better — 2½ months into dating?

I’m getting ahead of myself. To begin with, I never should have dated him in the first place. Many tried to warn me off: “He will wine you and he will dine you, and one day he will be very mean to you, and he will drop you,” one friend predicted.

He did, in fact, wine and dine me, a rarity in the L.A. dating scene. He sent me matzo ball soup when I was sick. He took me for nice meals. He bought me things — nothing with a significant monetary value, but enough, enough to show he cared. Early on, he even introduced me to his son.

But there were also many red flags. Continue reading
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