‘I wouldn’t be here today’ Sask. transplant recipient counts his blessings this Christmas

GLOBAL NEWS | Meaghan Craig

As the province looks at presumed consent when it comes to organ donation, at least one Saskatchewan man knows the importance as he is alive today after receiving a new liver.
Sometimes people tell us that news can be a bit depressing but there’s some really great people out there, doing some really good things sometimes even after they’re gone.

Rod Wiens, 54 of Herschel, Saskatchewan says he’s counting his blessings this Christmas after receiving a life-saving transplant in the spring.
“If I wouldn’t have got the transplant, I wouldn’t be here today.”
Two years ago in August, Wiens says he started to feel run down but didn’t realize how serious it might be until his wife told him that his colouring was off.

“I got diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, which is probably a virus that I caught at some point – not quite sure how or why and it was my immune system was attacking my liver.” Continue reading