MSU Alumni Offer Kidney Donations To Save Professor's Life


Professor Emeritus Michael Kogan received a life-saving kidney transplant from a former MSU student.
For 42 years, Professor Emeritus Michael Kogan went beyond the classroom to expand his students’ minds, hearts and horizons. The philosophy and religion professor welcomed them into his home for dinner, took them to cathedrals and synagogues, and exposed them to symphony and opera.

In turn, they grew close as classmates and closer still to Kogan himself, who recently found out just how devoted his former students are when he needed a kidney transplant.

One by one, former students and friends volunteered to give Kogan a kidney, and each one was turned down for various reasons. Lots of factors play into a match – blood type, tissue match as well as physical and mental health.

Sam Bolshoi donated a kidney to a donation pool that enabled Kogan to get a transplant. Continue reading