SEM Students Face Life After Death

THE SEM WEEKLY | Lauren Pollina

Mrs. Kyle Hopkins, Katie Kraft ’18, Grace Heidinger ’18, Alex Kane ’17, Tess Rine ’18, Grace Cloherty ’17, Lauren Pollina ’17 and Catherine McClenahan pictured at the entrance of the unyts headquarters of WNY.
Buffalo Seminary’s Donate Life Team hopped onto the red SEM bus after school on Wednesday, November 30 and over to the unyts headquarters located on Broadway in the city of Buffalo. Students quickly rushed out of the bus and into the headquarters to begin their tour of the labs and services that unyts offers. The tour was led by Tiffany Alexander-Childs who is the unyts representative for Buffalo Seminary’s Donate Life Club. As the team walked into the building “I felt like it was really welcoming. Not necessarily homey. But you knew that it was a headquarters and someplace that wanted business. But also wanted people to feel welcome and comfortable in the space,” said Alex Kane ’17.

The Donate Life Club was established in WNY schools in 2004 after Alison Gerlach lost her life as a junior in high school. Her parents were respectfully approached after their daughter’s passing in the hospital and fulfilled Ali’s wishes on becoming to become an organ donor.“

Ali’s parents were fortunate to be able to have the conversation on organ donation before her passing so they knew that she wished to be a donor,” said a unyts representative who wished to remain anonymous. Is that who doesn’t want to be identified? That same representative described Ali’s parents as motivated to educate other high school students in Western New York. Characterize what she said so you can get to the good part of the quote. So you can kill this: “Ali’s parents were fortunate to have this conversation so they decided to educate high school students throughout all Western New York that they should talk about it. “We started with five schools and now have 74 Donate Life Clubs. Their goal is to get all the schools in Western New York to start the conversation” the unyts representative continued to say. Make this simple: she said. Continue reading