Teen unexpectedly dies one day after becoming organ donor


UTAH -- A Utah couple lost their teenage daughter unexpectedly, and now they are speaking out about their loss, their love for their daughter and the ways organ donation is helping them and her friends on the path to healing.

London Layton was a passionate dancer, a cheerleader, and a wonderful friend.

Torrie Layton, London's mother, said on December 11 of 2015 her daughter went to bed, and the next morning they made a tragic discovery.

"I said to Casey, 'You need to get the girls up and going,'" Torrie Layton said. "He went upstairs and went into her room, and we found her passed away, in her sleep."

In a twist of fate, the day before she died, London and her mom were at DMV.

"You know, first question on there was: Do you want to be a donor?," Torrie Layton said. "And she turned to me and said, 'Well, what does that mean?' and so I explained to her, and she says to me, 'Well, yeah, why wouldn't I?'"  VIDEO, continue reading