The emotions and privilege of making The Greatest Gift


The final episode includes Jade's story - the 10-year-old has kidney failure
Carrie Smith, producer/director of The Greatest Gift, has followed both sides of the organ transplant story in Wales during the first year since the change in the law.

Here she tells how it was the hardest documentary series to make emotionally but also the most satisfying.

I've carried a donor card since my early teens. My mum shared her birthday with a school friend called Julie; sadly Julie had kidney failure and passed away when she was 10.

Mum has often talked about her since and says it was this that prompted her to speak to me about organ donation all those years ago.

When the law changed last year in Wales I was intrigued to see how "presumed consent" would work.

By being given a three-part observational documentary series to make on the subject, I would be able to find out first-hand, predominantly working with the organ donation and transplant teams at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Continue reading