The miracle liver transplant: Dying baby in Wisconsin receives organ 40 MINUTES after his name was added to the donor list

DAILY MAIL | Darren Boyle

A five-month-old baby received a miracle liver transplant in time for Christmas only 40 minutes after he went on the national register.

Little Daniel McCabe was suffering from biliary atresia, which is a rare liver disease, and would have died without a transplant.

The infant from Wisconsin was placed on the national transplant registry on December 13 at 10.15am and by 10.55, his doctors received an alert that a suitable donor organ had been found.

Doctors at Lurie's Children's Hospital said Daniel was one of the smallest patients they've ever performed a transplant on.

Justin Boese, Organ Procurement Specialist at the hospital, said: 'This is one of the most incredible things that has happened in the five years that I've been here.' Continue reading