This Letter To An Organ Donor’s Mother Who Lost Her Newborn Is Painstakingly Beautiful

STORY PICK | Saurabh Pandey

The pain of losing someone dear is immense. And for Kate Harris, a mother whose seven-week-old son was facing severe cardiac arrests and struggling for life, the ordeal was ineffable. So when she heard that there is an organ donor who can save her kid, a ray of hope entered her dark world.

Although the donation saved her child, it came because somewhere a little kid lost his/her life. In remembrance of that kid and to thank the kid’s mother, a grateful Kate has written a heartfelt open letter.

The letter reads:

When my son, let’s call him Mr. Snuggles (he’s the snuggliest little love bug you’ll ever know), was seven weeks old, he suffered several episodes of acute cardiac arrest before ending up on life support, and, eventually, a Berlin Heart pump.

We were told his heart would never function properly on its own again. He needed a transplant. He is our first child, so while navigating the maze of hormones and sleeplessness that is new motherhood, I was then faced with the fact that I might lose this brand new infant into which I had poured my very being. And no one knew why. Continue reading
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