Two brothers, two hearts: Twins get life-saving transplants

FOX 10 Phoenix | Danielle Miller

Twin brothers faced with the same fatal genetic disease received life-saving heart transplants. 
PHOENIX- Going through the organ transplant process can be difficult for any family, but one valley family had to go through it twice!

These twin brothers both had to have a life-saving heart transplant because of a genetic disease.

"I know for me literally I say in my prayers every day that I'm thankful for another day," said Robert Fowler.

It was another day of life Robert once feared he wouldn't get -- this after he became sick in 2013.

"I was working, started passing out at work. I was 274 pounds. I just thought I was kind of obese and out of shape," he said.

His diagnosis was far worse than losing a few pounds. Doctors told Robert he was in heart failure and suffering from a rare, inherited condition called Dilated cardiomyopathy, which is a disease that makes the heart progressively enlarged and unable to pump blood effectively.

"You literally felt sick to your stomach 24-7, can't breathe, can't lay flat anymore. I couldn't get up my stairs anymore," he said. Continue reading