Woman’s signs trashed in fight for a new kidney

WLWT | Amanda Kelley

Hundreds of signs reading “A Kidney for Ann,” posted for Ann Mills of Colerain along busy roads and highways around Cincinnati, have been pulled out of the ground and discarded.

The signs were posted, Mills said, because she is "basically begging for someone to come forward to help me, to help me live, because without someone's help, I'm going to die."

Mills, 53, recently was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure due to a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease.

“She was distraught. I would say there was a good bit of denial for the first couple of days,” Mills’ husband Alex said of her diagnosis

Doctors want Mills to go on dialysis, but that increases her chances of rejecting a donor organ, a fact Mills knows all too well. She was a heart-transplant nurse at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for years.

“It's a real sobering experience to have a chart put in front of you saying if you do dialysis, you're going to live this long, but if you get a kidney transplant, it's going to be this long,” Ann said.

She said the worst part so far has been breaking the news to her two kids, Andy and Alexis. Continue reading