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Guiness World Record was set for most organ transplant recipients gathered in one place!

Donate Life Run/Walk | Phillip Palmer

Guiness World Record was set for most organ transplant recipients gathered in one place. The new record? 314 at the Donate Life Run/Walk in Fullerton, CA.

Advocates Rally To Raise Awareness For Organ And Tissue Donation

CBS Philly | John McDevitt

A small group marched from City Hall to Rittenhouse Square advocating organ and tissue donation registration.

“Consider organ donation and if you are an organ donor tell your friends and family just in case,” said a donor advocate.

Once at Rittenhouse square their song ‘A Circle of Life’ was performed and there were personal accounts from people like Joe Pratt of South Jersey, who was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He received a lung transplant nearly three years ago.

“I got so I really had no quality of life what so ever. Look at me now I’m a picture of health. And this is what organ donation does it gives somebody a second chance at life,” Pratt said. Continue reading_________________________________________________________
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Teacher running in 5K charity race after double lung transplant surgery

WQAD | Sarah Tsinger

BOSTON (AP) — Six months to the day after undergoing a life-saving double lung transplant, a Boston school teacher who for his entire life has lived with a disease that robs him of lung capacity is running a 5K charity road race this weekend.

Eamonn Kelly, a science teacher at St. Columbkille Partnership School in the city’s Brighton neighborhood, plans to run the race Saturday to raise money for student scholarships and financial aid.

“After the operation I thought this would be a good milestone,” said Kelly, 32, who was born with cystic fibrosis. “But this is also a big event for the school, which has been so supportive of me and is such a wonderful community.”

Cystic fibrosis is a deadly disease that affects the digestive system and lungs, making it difficult to breathe. About 30,000 Americans have the condition, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Continue reading
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We …

7-year-old author says ‘My mommy is my hero’


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Seven-year-old Lexi recently wrote a book about her mom Alicia, who died about eight months ago. The book celebrates her mother’s short life and explains why Lexi considers her a hero.

“My mommy was a donor. That is when somebody gives their organs to someone so they can live,” said Lexi, reading from the book. She gave many organs and helped people live. This makes my mommy a hero because she helped save lives by giving her organs to people who needed them to live longer.”

Lexi’s mom was 24-years-old when she became an organ donor. Just months before her death, Alicia had told her mom that if anything ever happened to her, that’s what she wanted.

“She put it on her driver’s license. It’s something she talked to me about,” Rebecca explained. “She donated her heart, her right lung, both kidneys, her pancreas, her liver, and her intestines. So she saved 5 lives.” Continue reading
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Comment Young mother, organ donor saves lives


In life, Dr. Stacey West was kind and giving. And in death, she is being remembered as the same.

A 27-year-old Dumas resident who was a new mother and popular area dentist, West died suddenly on April 11. Her passing marked a tragic ending for her family, but as an organ donor she’s offering a hopeful new beginning to those receiving her organs.

“While we were grieving and mourning, we also knew there were several families that were rejoicing because their loved one had been given another chance,” said Angie West, her mother-in-law. “That was really wonderful to know that something good could come out of it.”

Daniel West, her husband, said Stacey was funny, accomplished, personable, uplifting and a loving mother to their 7-month-old son, Logan. She was in dental practice with her in-laws at the family’s dental practice, Dumas Family Dentistry, as well as Class 1 Dental Associates in Amarillo. She was also engaged in the Dumas community through various or…

Teen says heart donated from NC girl gave him ‘new chance at life’


CRAMERTON, N.C. (WBTV) — A teenage boy from Florida was in Gaston County Friday to help honor the life of a local teenager whose death gave him a new chance at life.

Destiny Stafford was 15 years old when she died last summer. She was riding her father’s horse when she was thrown off. As she was standing up to get back on the horse, she was kicked in the head. Her mom, Kelly, donated most of her daughter’s organs.

Brandon Hernandez was 17 years old when he got Destiny’s heart.

“Without receiving her heart, I wouldn’t be here today,” Brandon said.

He was in Cramerton for the inaugural Destiny Lives On Foundation Golf Tournament. The golf tournament is the first big fundraiser for the Destiny Lives On Foundation. The organization was started to help support organ donation.

Brandon called the decision to donate organs “incredibly important.” Continue reading_________________________________________________________
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Nesbit family valued ‘gift of life’


MOUNT VERNON — The efforts to get people registered as organ donors is an ongoing process in Ohio and across the nation. Those whose life depends on an organ donation are continuously given a second chance at life thanks to the selfless gestures of donors.

Lifeline of Ohio is a statewide organization whose mission is to empower communities to save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. Today wraps up Donate Life Month, according to Jessica Petersen, media and public relations coordinator with Lifeline of Ohio.

“This is a month for us to get out to the masses the idea of registering as an organ or tissue donor. We hope that someone is touched enough by a story that they register as an organ donor or encourage their friends if they are already a donor,” said Petersen. Continue reading_________________________________________________________
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We are asking you to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.

Liver Recipient, Mother Of 4, Meets Donor Family For First Time


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– April is national Donate Life month and two mothers who were bonded by the selfless gift of organ donation are asking others to sign up.

In a small conference room inside New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, the two mothers met for the first time, CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reported.

One has suffered incredible loss, another was brought back from the brink of death. Both are bonded by a teen who is no longer here.

“I miss him so much,” Lisa Negron, the organ donor’s mother, told CBS2.

Last June, 19-year-old Christian Negron was jumped by four men in an attempted robbery near his home in the Bronx. Nine days later, he was found unconscious in his home.

“And he never regained consciousness,” his mother said. Continue reading
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Creating A Culture Of Organ And Tissue Donation Saves Lives


Written by Dr. Andrew Healey, Medical Director of Critical Care, William Osler Health System and Chief Medical Officer, Trillium Gift of Life Network

In Ontario alone there are 1,600 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, and the need does not discriminate. People of all ages, faiths and cultural backgrounds can find themselves in need of a transplant.

It may come as a surprise to learn that while we all have the potential to be an organ and/or tissue donor, the reality is that the opportunity is quite rare. Only two to three per cent of hospital deaths happen in a way that is conducive to organ donation.

At William Osler Health System (Osler) we have made it a priority to ensure that when donation is a possibility, every family is provided the opportunity and the information to make the choice that is right for them. Osler prides itself on quality end of life care, and that has to include the opportunity for organ and tissue donation. "Families c…

Increasing number of sickest liver transplant candidates delisted from wait list, study finds


The sickest liver transplant candidates should be first in line when a donor liver becomes available, but transplant centers are increasingly removing these individuals from the waiting list, considering them "too sick to transplant," an analysis of nationwide transplant data finds. The study appears online as an "article in press" on the Journal of the American College of Surgeons website in advance of print publication.

Between mid-2007 and 2012, more than 4,300 Americans with life-threatening liver diseases were taken off the transplant waiting list, or "delisted," because of deteriorating illness as determined by their transplant center, study authors reported. That number was nearly twice the 2,311 liver transplant candidates delisted between April 2002 and June 2007 because of reported illness severity.

"The central tenet of liver transplant allocation is to prioritize the sickest patients first," said the study's senior inve…

Hume-Lee director details critical issues in organ donation during Twitter Q&A


VCU Health hosted a Twitter chat about organ donation April 26 to highlight National Donate Life Month. Donate Life America established National Donate Life Month in an effort to spearhead local, regional and national activities that encourage Americans to register as organ donors. According to Donate Life America, nearly 124,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States, including 3,200 Virginians.

During the chat, Marlon Levy, M.D., director of the VCU Health Hume-Lee Transplant Center, offered answers to questions about living and deceased organ donation. Below are his replies to some of the questions raised on Twitter.

Stay engaged with future VCU Health Twitter chats by following @VCUHealth on Twitter and searching for the hashtag #VCUHealthChat.

Why would someone need an organ transplant?

Organs can be malformed from birth, damaged by lifestyle choices like drugs and alcohol, or the damage may be heredita…

Loyola Liver/Kidney Transplant Patient Celebrates First Post-op Anniversary


MAYWOOD, IL – Ted Sulkowski thought it was just a routine physical exam required for his insurance provider when he was hit with a diagnosis out of the blue.

“I was absolutely shocked to learn I had fatty liver disease in 1991 and that started a health journey I never thought I or my family would endure,” said the Chicago area business executive.

“Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis, or NASH, is something of an epidemic in America and is called the silent liver disease because there often are no symptoms,” said Jamie Berkes, MD, hepatologist at Loyola Medicine. “Patients are able to live with the disease for a long time.”

In 2014, life took a dramatic turn for Mr. Sulkowski. “[Dr. Berkes] told me that I would need a liver transplant and my wife and I were in disbelief. I felt fine and had been living with this for more than 23 years,” remembered Mr. Sulkowski. “But he nailed it because everything that he told us would happen, happened.” Continue reading ______________________…

Gift of Life Unites 2 Families in Heart and Song


The death of a child is perhaps the worst nightmare a parent can experience. For Horseheads residents Holly and Andy Campbell, who lost their 11-week-old infant son, Jake, they will never get over their loss. Yet during a time of sudden tragedy, when their baby was rushed to Rochester but couldn’t be saved, they realized that through the gift of organ donation they could help keep another family from losing a child.

As they made their selfless decision that day in 2007, 800 miles away in Iowa, a then 2-week-old baby boy, Beckham, and his parents, Kim and Nathan Scadlock, faced the difficult odds of Beckham receiving a heart transplant. That is, until the courageous decision that took place at UR Medicine’s Golisano Children’s Hospital. Continue reading _________________________________________________________You have the power to SAVE LivesPlease register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.In California:Donate LIFE California | Done VIDA Calif…

A Miracle Transplant Saves an Infant from a Deadly Disease

FLORIDA TREND | Lorin Willen
UHealth–University of Miami Health System physicians at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Miami Transplant Institute (MTI) perform a lifesaving transplant after a pediatric patient endures a misdiagnosis and failed treatments at other hospitals.

Shortly after birth, Deanna Lynn Anderson, or “Baby D” as her family lovingly called her, began to appear jaundiced, with yellowish skin and eyes. As with most otherwise healthy newborns, she was sent home with a biliblanket, a treatment involving light and permeable fabric. Within two weeks, Deanna’s coloring returned to normal, and she no longer required the blanket. The Anderson family was elated, thinking Deanna was in the clear. However, they soon discovered a misdiagnosis of a rare liver disease would almost cost Deanna her life.

Both reality and fear struck when Heidi and Eric Anderson learned that their precious little girl had biliary atresia, a genetic birth defect causing bile flow obstruction. Deanna immediately…

Families need to know of dying decision to donate organs

DESERET NEWS | Wendy Leonard

SALT LAKE CITY — Hours before London Layton died in her sleep, she had checked a little box on her learner's permit application to become an organ donor.

After a brief conversation that day in December, the 15-year-old had told her mom, "Of course I'd help," Casey Layton, London's father said Thursday.

"That made it easy for us as parents to know what to do and why we would do it," he said. "It does bring some peace to us to know that she had an opportunity to help someone else."

More than 1.5 million Utahns have declared themselves organ donors, should their own lives be cut short. But Alex McDonald, director of public relations at Intermountain Donor Services, said even more than the check mark, family and friends need to know of the decision because they are often the ones left to make it happen.

"Life sometimes takes a turn and you don't expect it," said Gerri Osman, whose 16-year-old son was hit by a …

Life's gift goes beyond recipient

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH | Letters to the Editor

Each time a person is able to generously share the gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation, a life is healed. A family is preserved. A friendship is extended. The world is changed forever.

This summer, the ripple effect of donation will be on display at the Transplant Games of America in Cleveland, June 10-15. Those who have received gifts of life and healing will compete in events designed to showcase that transplantation works — the athletes have a second chance because someone said “yes” to donation.

April is Donate Life Month, and we encourage readers to start their own ripple and register as an organ, eye and tissue donor. That simple act gives hope to the 123,000 Americans waiting for a transplant.

Every day 22 men, women and children in the United States die for lack of an organ donation. By joining the Ohio Donor Registry, one has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and enhance more than 50 lives throug…

Therapy Dogs Encourage People to Learn More about Organ Donations


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (WVIR) - Advocates who want to get more people registered as organ donors hosted an event at the University of Virginia Medical Center on Thursday.
Three volunteer therapy dogs at the hospital enticed people to stop by the “Donate Life” event to learn more about becoming an organ donor. All three dogs frequent the medical center to visit with patients and attend special events.

Organizers provided cookies, coffee, and laptops for people to sign up to become donors. VIDEO, continue reading_________________________________________________________
You have the power to SAVE Lives
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To ensure donation happens, please share your decision with your family. At stake is the legacy you wish to leave.

Father of young organ donors speaks at Mason City event


MASON CITY — Carson DeJoode always knew he was a hero.

The 5-year-old “Star Wars” fan liked to pretend he was a Jedi and wanted to play left tackle some day so he could protect the quarterback, said his father, Troy DeJoode, of Ankeny, during a Donate Life event at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa Thursday.

In May 2010 Carson and his 5-month-old sister, Claire, were killed in a car crash.

Despite his grief, their father agreed as they were dying to have them be organ and tissue donors.

Both children have saved the lives of others as a result.

DeJoode has met the child from Utah who received Claire’s heart. Continue reading_________________________________________________________
You have the power to SAVE Lives
We are asking you to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.
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To ensure donation happens, please share your decision with your family. At stake is t…

Muscatine residents work to raise awareness about organ donation

KWQC | Elizabeth Goodsitt

MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) — Some Muscatine residents are gearing up to say thank you to those who saved their lives. They will be taking to the field, track and course this summer to celebrate and raise awareness about organ donation.

“I’ve never been a big athlete. I’m a better cheerleader,” Kim Burdakin tells us. But in less than two months, she will be both. That’s because Burdakin is also a fighter, still here to talk about the liver transplant that saved her life. “This was 16 years ago,” she says. “I have two daughters, they were 9 and 12. And I was a single mom. So, for me, it was very devastating thinking that they may have to grow up without their mom.”

They didn’t have to. Now Burdakin and other members of Team Iowa are gearing up for the Donate Life Transplant Games of America, a multi-sport festival for transplant recipients and their living donors. Ann Bahn says, “It’s like the Olympics. It’s just fabulous. The competition is intense and there’s so …

Good Neighbor: Double Transplant Recipient Starts Organization to Register More Organ Donors

WGRZ | Melissa Holmes
AMHERST, NY - April is Donate Life month, and while the month is almost over, the work to increase the number of organ and tissue donations has a long way to go. A double-transplant recipient with a mission to raise awareness is this week's 2 On Your Side "Good Neighbor." 
The year 2010 was a monumental year for Tom Jasinski, Jr., of Amherst. He experienced the ultimate high when he married his wife, Ginny. But just 13 weeks later he hit the ultimate low when he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. He spent nearly 2 years on dialysis while waiting for a kidney and pancreas transplant.

"We learned at that point in time that my wait in New York State could be 7 to 10 years and also through educating ourselves, learned that mortality on dialysis starts at 4 to 5 years," said Jasinski.

He was literally in a race against time, yet he remained hopeful. Continue reading_________________________________________________________
You have the power…

Killeen: Hospital flies Donate Life flag

KWTX | Sam DeLeon
KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) April is national organ donation month and Metroplex Hospital in Killeen is extending its efforts to raise awareness through the month of May. 

The hospital raised a Donate Life flag Thursday as part of the effort.

There are more than 121,000 people on the national transplant waiting list.

Just more than 30,000 people will receive a transplant this year.

S. Lemuel Bradshaw a transplant recipient says he's grateful for his second chance.

He says donor families are the real heroes.

“They think about others on what is for them the worst day of their lives they lost a loved one. And what it does as a recipient is, it inspires awe in you. You see these people and wonder would I have been able to make the same sort of decision it's a selfless act. Continue reading_________________________________________________________
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Colorado Springs organ donor's family honored at "National Donate Life Month" ceremony

KRDO | Mekialaya White 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Every year, countless lives in Southern Colorado are saved and improved through the gift of life: organ, eye and tissue donation. That's why Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is holding a flag raising ceremony on Thursday to honor a tissue donor’s gift of life and observe April as National Donate Life Month.

The ceremony was held in collaboration with Donor Alliance, a federally designated nonprofit that facilitates organ and tissue donation in Colorado and Wyoming.

The flag raising ceremony will be conducted by Penrose-St. Francis Chaplain Theresa Gregoire. Attendees included Sheryl Marlor, whose husband Dave was a donor. Continue reading
You have the power to SAVE Lives
We are asking you to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor today.
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Organ Donor | Donate Life America
To ensure donation happens, please s…

Donate Life celebration at Singing River Hospital promotes organ donation

GULF LIVE | Tyler Carter
PASCAGOULA, Miss. -- Around the country, April is National Donate Life Month. Tuesday signified the 11th year Singing River Health System Hospital has celebrated this occasion, encouraging residents in the community to consider becoming organ donors.

"Today, we want to celebrate the lives of donors, both living and deceased, and also people who are recipients who have been able to continue living," said Dr. Steven Demetropoulos, Chief of Staff of SRHS. "The beautiful thing about being an organ donor is the fact that you are able to continue to give even after you die."

Demetropoulos said he knows people can be hesitant to sign up to become an organ donor, but wants them to know it is bigger than just them when they pass away.

"When you donate organs, you provide sight, health, and most importantly, life," he said. "I think people have to look at it as something bigger than what you can do for yourself. This is not just about you,…

From the Assembly: State Donate Life Registry seeks more organ donors

EAGLE NEWS | Will Barclay

State Assemblyman, R-Pulaski
New York is one of the most populous states in the nation, yet we continue to have one of the lowest rates of registered organ donors. April is Donate Life Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of becoming a registered organ donor. There are approximately 10,500 patients awaiting organ transplants, 1,700 of which have been waiting five years or more for a transplant.
In the past, New York kept an outdated system and required organ donors to fill out and mail forms indicating their preferences. In recent years, New York State Department of Health has created an online registry form, which has made it much easier for people to elect to become a registered organ donor. In 2012, the state also enacted legislation that required the Department of Motor Vehicles to ask people on their drivers’ license applications if they would like to become an organ donor. New Yorkers are prompted to select “Yes” or “Not at this Time” on…

Iowa Donor Network brings awareness to organ donation


NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – There’s 120,000 people on the organ transplant list in the United States, and 600 of those are Iowans.

Iowa Donor Network celebrates April as Donate Life Month. It’s a time to bring awareness to that number, and talk about ways to reduce it to zero.

“We’re just trying to get people to do two things. One find out about what it means to be a donor, educate themselves or learn from us about the process of donation, and then two hopefully go out and register if they’re not already a registered donor in Iowa,” Public Outreach Manager Tony Hakes said.

He said it’s simple to register. People can mark “yes” when they renew their driver’s license, or go to the Iowa Donor Network website and register online. Donors should also make sure their family knows and understands their wishes.

“We do about 250 transplants a year in Iowa, so that’s 250 lives that have been saved. A lot of these people have been so sick sometimes their entire lives,” Hakes said. Cont…

Cumberland Medical Center honors Donate Life Month

Crossville Chronicle
Cumberland Medical Center raised the “Donate Life Flag” to celebrate Donate Life Month during a special balloon release to support organ donation, commemorate the generosity of organ and tissue donors, and honor organ transplant recipients. 

“This ceremony for organ donation means a great deal to us,” says Rebecca Foster, Cumberland Medical Center chief nursing officer. “Many of our friends and families have benefited from organ donation, so it personally touches many of us in a variety of ways.”

Rita Dale of Pleasant Hill, who received a double lung transplant last year at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was a special guest who shared her experience.

“I have been blessed beyond imagination,” confides Dale. “I have been given my life back, and I owe all my thanks to God and my donor. My donor will always be my unknown hero.” Continue reading_________________________________________________________
You have the power to SAVE Lives
We are asking you to register as…

Organ donors who allow others to live celebrated


The stories of a five-year-old boy who died from a brain aneurism, a patient who survived a deadly kidney disease and a grieving mother finding some sense of closure brought somber silence Thursday, April 21 to a section of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth that was followed immediately by prolonged applause.

Parker County resident, Barbara Midkiff, spoke at the event as she detailed her journey from being on the brink of death to speaking at the hospital in front of a crowd of people.

A public memorial was being held for transplant patients who had seen their lives saved by donors.

Midkiff was fighting a genetic and rare kidney disease known as polycystic kidney disease, which has no cure.

More than 100,000 people are on the waiting list for kidney transplants, according to the National Kidney Foundation and less than 17,000 people receive one each year.

Kidneys are by far the most requested form of organ transplants, according to…

SM council proclamation aims to save lives and recognize supporters

LOMPOC RECORD | Logan B. Anderson

The Santa Maria City Council worked to raise awareness for a cause that could help prevent thousands of deaths a year during its April 19 meeting at City Hall.

The five-member ruling body also recognized two people and one business for working to make Santa Maria better.

Because of the meeting, April 2016 now is Donate Life Month in the city of Santa Maria.

“Organ, tissue, marrow and blood donation are life-giving acts recognized worldwide as expressions of compassion to those in need,” said Santa Maria City Councilman Bob Orach while reading the Donate Life Month proclamation.

According to Orach, on average of 22 people die each day while waiting for donated organs due to a shortage.
“The need for donated organs is especially urgent in Hispanic and African-American communities,” he said.

The City Council presented the proclamation to Joe Darga, an ambassador with OneLegacy -- a nonprofit group dedicated to saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation…