Adorable four-year-old becomes an organ donor after dying while waiting for a new heart


Aoife O'Suillivan was waiting for a heart transplant after being diagnosed with a rare condition affecting her heart muscle

Aoife O’Sullivan was just four years old when she passed away while waiting for the heart transplant she so desperately needed
THOUGH her young life was cut short, little Aoife O’Sullivan’s legacy will live on in those she has saved.

The bubbly and bright four-year-old passed away waiting for a heart transplant.

Struck by a rare disease that affects the heart muscle, Aoife’s only hope was for a donor to be found.

But, before that call came, time ran out for the four-year-old.

Though crushed, her parents didn’t have to wait to be asked.

They didn’t even have to discuss it between them – they were firmly on the same page.

The couple selflessly offered their eldest daughter’s organs for transplant, in the hope of offering the relief they so desperately sought to another shell-shocked family.

My first thought was ‘I don’t want her to have someone else’s heart, I want her to have her own heart’. I just wanted her to get betterMichelleAoife's mum

Though their grief will never totally disappear, the pair now have the comfort of knowing their little girl has already saved at least one life.

And, as mum Michelle pointed out, she’s given that person’s family and friends their lives back too.

Throughout 2015, before she was diagnosed Aoife was suffering with a persistent cough