Babysitter saves infant’s life by donating part of her liver


Talia Rosko loves to laugh, to play and to cuddle up with her favorite blanket.

“She would go down for a nap and wake up with a smile," Kiersten Miles, Talia's babysitter, described.

This 16-month-old from Jackson, New Jersey shares quite the special bond with her babysitter.

“She’s like such a happy baby you really wouldn’t have known that anything was wrong with her," she said.

Kiersten Miles first met the Rosko family last June after a friend recommended her as a summer nanny.

“Ever since I started they have just welcomed me with open arms," Kiersten explained. "They’re outgoing and they’re just awesome.”

The then 21-year-old knew one of the three children would require a little extra attention.

“We brought [Talia] to her two-month well check up and our pediatrician right away said her eyes were off," George Rosko, Talia's father, remembered. “She said we have to go see a specialist immediately.” Continue reading