East Texas mother pushing for organ donation after daughter helps others

KLTV | Paul Rivera

Kilgore Students praying for Sam at flag pole (Source: Watkins Family)
KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas mother is hoping to begin her goal this new year of increasing awareness about organ donation.

Kilgore High School soccer player Samantha Watkins died in December when she stopped breathing after a seizure, but Samantha was an organ donor.

We spoke with her mom, Barbara Watkins, who is hoping to meet those being helped by her organs as she makes the call for more people to sign up.

Even though she's gone, Samantha Watkins, or Sam as pretty much everyone called her, is still making her mark because she is an organ donor.

"Life is short, we found that out the hard way and if anybody can save anyone I mean what a gift," says Watkins. Continue reading