Galaxy honors former student through organ donor drive

THE OPTIMIST | Lauren Franco

A former student who passed away in the fall is being honored by his social club through an organ donor drive in the Campus Center.

During the past week, the men of Galaxy have been in the Campus Center helping students and faculty sign up to be organ donors to raise awareness and honor Landon Powell, a former student and member of Galaxy.

“We tell people our goal isn’t just to sign up as many people as possible,” said Colton Powell, Landon’s cousin. “Our goal is to sign up at least one person that will be able to make a difference with their organs. We don’t know who it’s going to be or, right now, if that’s being accomplished. But our goal is just to be able to save lives and raise awareness. We aren’t really going for a particular number.”

The process to sign up to be an organ donor is simple and takes about five minutes. Galaxy is using, which directs applicants to The website asks for information such as legal name, address, contact information, social security and drivers license numbers. Continue reading