Heartbreak: bittersweet moment


The late George Blanton and his son Lafe Left to right 

Very few people ever experience remaining a heartbeat away from a loved one they have lost to death, but Rachel Turner, a Wheelersburg resident, got that opportunity recently when she met the man who received the heart of the man she loved – George Blanton III who was killed six years ago in a motorcycle crash on May 29, 2011 on Washington Boulevard in West Portsmouth.

Turner and Lafe, her 9-year-old son by Blanton, met up with Danny Dunn of Wolf County, Kentucky, in Lexington.

“Her and their son wanted to feel his dad and her husband’s heart beating,” Dunn said. “My children were there too. We met at a restaurant and it was just a bonding experience. They have just become like a part of the family all of a sudden.”

It was quite an experience for Turner and her son.

“It was definitely emotional,” Turner said. “It was like a burden being lifted off of me, just being able to see someone else live and finally I just felt like there wasn’t a life lost, life came from it.” Continue reading