In hospital awaiting her third liver transplant, Lucia decided to become crusader for organ donation and 'Live Loudly Donate Proudly' was born


Lucia with sister Alice
The Ballycastle teen tells Stephanie Bell about her tough battle against the odds, her gratitude at being given three chances at life, and her campaign to educate our children on the issue and persuade many more people to become donors.

An inspirational teenager who has come through three lifesaving liver transplants is driving a new campaign to get everyone thinking and talking about organ donation. Lucia Mee (17) from Ballycastle has battled serious ill health for the past nine years and was gravely sick in hospital waiting on a third transplant when she came up with the idea for Live Loudly Donate Proudly.

Now an established campaign with its own website and growing presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Live Loudly Donate Proudly is Lucia's way of saying thanks for what she considers as her three chances at life.

She says: "I owe my life three times to organ donors. I think it is so important for people to know you don't need your organs after you die. To donate them is to give someone else hope that they can recover and do the things they like to do and live their lives.

"The campaign is about getting people to focus on having the conversation with their families about their wishes on organ donation and signing up to the donor register.

"It is almost more important that they have the conversation to let loved ones know their wishes. It will be their family who make the final decision, and if they don't know your wishes, they are likely not to go ahead with organ donation." Continue reading