Intensive care nurse back to full health thanks to kidney donated by her brother

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Kelly Boden has returned to work at James Cook University Hospital:: Brother Richard now wants to donate part of his liver to help another

Kelly Boden, 39, had a kidney transplant last year, and her brother Richard Boden, 31, was her donor. She had a kidney donated 22 years ago which failed, so she was looking for a new donor. Her brother, Richard, was found to be a match (Photo: Evening Gazette)
A nurse whose life was saved after a kidney transplant is now fighting fit - all thanks to her brother.

Kelly Boden, from Linthorpe, underwent her second transplant last Spring with brother Richard as her donor.

Her first transplant lasted 23 years - much longer than expected - but she was told in October 2015 she needed another organ.

The 39-year-old said: “There has always been a lot of chest problems in my family, and when I was about 15 they were treating me for asthma. I was just continuously getting worse and couldn’t lie down and breathe at the same time.

“Then I was diagnosed with kidney failure and they gave me the weekend to live.

“But things improved, I was put on dialysis and after 18 months, I got a transplant. That was just before my 18th birthday.

“I missed quite a lot of my schooling because I was ill all the time. Continue reading