Irish comedian Jarlath Regan to fly to US to help with brother's life-saving surgery


Comedian Jarlath Regan is set to donate a kidney to his younger brother Photo: Steve Ullathorne
Irish comedian Jarlath Regan said his decision to donate a kidney to his critically ill brother was made "in a heartbeat" after discovering he was a suitable match.

The London-based comedian will fly to the US next week to undergo surgery to donate a kidney to his brother, which he said will extend his sibling's life expectancy by 30 years.

Speaking on the Eoghan McDermott Show on RTE 2fm, Jarlath (36) said his brother has battled with a condition since his childhood, which has seen his kidney function deteriorate to a critical level in recent years.

"Basically what he's had is two flat tires for most of his life, two kidneys that aren’t producing a chemical that can help him regulate calcium in his body. They are essentially a set of batteries that are running down. He's at a critical level so I guess we saw it coming along way off. I was always aware that there would possibly come a day when the question would be put, and when it was put I flew over to Rochester in Minnesota and I was as good a match as he could hope to find. His kidney function was down to 15 and normal is 85. There is no known reason why, considering the number of pints I've drank over the course of my life, but my kidney function is well over 100. So he's going to be rocket-powered by the time he gets this. Continue reading