Kirstie Tancock's family vow to step up organ donor campaigning despite setback

EXETER EXPRESS & ECHO |  Anita Merritt

The family of Kirstie Tancock have pledged to continue campaigning in her memory for a change in the organ donation system – despite the government confirming it currently has no plans to introduce an opt out system.

Kirstie, who received two double lung transplant operations during her short lifetime, passed away after suffering from chronic rejection on December 1.

In memory of the 27-year-old from Honiton, the Echo launched a campaign called Kirstie's Law which is calling for a new opt out system law in England, and it is just 400 signatures away from reaching its target of 5,000 supporters.

As well as providing their full backing for the Echo's Kirstie's Law, Kirstie's husband Stuart and mother Linda Freeman recently went to Wales which in December 2015 introduced presumed consent for organ donation unless people express otherwise.

During their visit to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, they met one of the men behind the change of law in Wales, consultant transplant surgeon Mike Stephens, and it was documented by ITV Westcountry News.

Mr Stephens said he was convinced a change in the law in England was possible. Continue reading