Markham Stouffville Hospital awarded for work on organ transplants

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Trillium Gift of Life Network president and CEO Ronnie Gavsie (second from the right) presented Markham Stouffville Hosptial president and CEO Jo-anne Marr (third from the left) with an achievement award on Friday, Jan. 13. The hospital achieved a conversion rate of 67 per cent in its organ donations.
The hospital achieved a conversion rate of 67 per cent in organ donations

One organ donation can “save up to eight lives,” Markham Stouffville Hospital says, while one tissue donation can “enhance up to 75 people.”

ICU manager Sevi Cesta focused on the importance of organ donations in light of the hospital’s recent achievement.

MSH, on Friday, Jan. 13, received an achievement award from the Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN) for exceeding expected conversion rates on organ donation.

The conversion rate is determined when a patient qualifying for organ or tissue donation leads to a successful organ or tissue transplant. The process involves rigorous diagnostic testing, blood work and imaging to determine the health of the organ or tissue and whether the recipient’s body will accept it.

MSH works in partnership with TGLN to manage organ and tissue donations. TGLN gives hospitals a conversion rate target of 54 per cent as a goal. Continue reading