Mother to brave freezing temperatures on Arctic husky trail


Danie Bax, a 52-year-old nurse, tries to do something new every year
An adventurous mother from Worthing, who had a double organ transplant less than a decade ago, will spend almost a week camping in minus 20 degree temperatures on a husky trail in the Arctic Circle. 

Danie Bax, a cardiac specialist nurse at East Surrey hospital who lives in West Street, is raising money for the NSPCC, who have organised the trip. In 2009, the 52-year-old had a kidney and pancreas transplant, after her diabetes led her to catch several infections. 

She said: “I had been so ill – I couldn’t drive or do anything. I was constantly in hospital. “I had no quality of life.” Since recovering from the operation, she said: “Every year I do something different, to mark that I’m still alive and to live life to the full.” 

Previous activities have led her to explore Vietnam and go hiking in Nepal, as well as get ‘really good’ at white water kayaking closer to home in Adur. Continue reading