"No regrets my husband donated his kidney to my dad”


Steve Walton, 62, with his son-in-law Ryan Crawford who donated one of his kidneys to him. Steve's transplant was a huge success and his new kidney was functioning amazingly well. However, out of the blue, only weeks ago, Steve was diagnosed with a rare cancer and died in hospital
This month the Lancashire Evening Post revealed the success of our “Lancashire: Giving the gift of life” campaign as almost 30,000 people from the county have registered to donate their organs after death in the past year. AASMA DAY talks to the family of a man who was saved by a kidney donated by his son-in-law - but died less than a year later from a rare cancer. 

Lisa Crawford sums up the feeling of her family following the sudden death of her dad Steve Walton only weeks after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

‘‘Some people might say it was a waste that my husband donated one of his kidneys to my dad only for him to die a year later, but we don’t see it like that at all and have absolutely no regrets.’’ Steve Walton, 62, who lived in Leyland with wife Cath, underwent a kidney transplant in January last year after more than a decade of battling kidney disease. 

Steve’s kidneys function deteriorated so much that they were only functioning at six per cent and he was on dialysis and put on the waiting list for a transplant. Steve was deeply touched when his son-in-law Ryan Crawford, who is married to his daughter Lisa, offered to give him one of his kidneys. Continue reading