Organ donation rate surge gifted Megan life, miracle baby

HERALD SUN | Grant McArthur

Megan McManus is a liver transplant recipient who was able to have a baby after her treatment. Picture: Lawrence Pinder
A MASSIVE increase in the rate of organ donors last year has seen given a ­record 1448 Australians a second chance at life.

Less than a year after an independent review into Australia’s poor organ donation rates called for an overhaul of system, the number of ­deceased donors jumped 16 per cent — from 435 in 2015 to 503 last year.

A record 406 of Victoria’s sickest patients received donations.

Double transplant recipient Megan Osborn said the numbers were a great improvement.

In late 2008, Ms Osborn received a lifesaving liver donation after four months on the waiting list.

But, her battle was far from over.

After a few weeks, scarring on her kidneys, coupled with the use of new medication, caused one of her kidneys to fail. She put her life on hold and continued dialysis treatment for more than three years before she received a kidney transplant in 2013. Continue reading