Organ donations give life to others


Health officials are urging people to consider organ donations as a way to have a purpose in life, even after death.

“If one has died, but the organ functions well enough to help someone else live, how great it is to say yes,” said Bebe Haffarnan, Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator at the Alabama Organ Center. “Presently there are around 22 deaths daily of people who are on the waitlist across the country. Many of these deaths could be averted if people understood the importance of the donation decision.”

People who want to be an organ donor can say they want to be one on their driver’s license and visit the Alabama Organ Center’s website to register.

“When a death occurs in a hospital setting, healthcare staff will notify the organ center,” Haffarnan said. “The staff of the organ center will work with the hospital to determine medical suitability. If an opportunity to help others is noted, your next of kin will be offered the donation opportunity, or your decision will be shared with them.” Continue reading