Pasadena family waits for new lease on life

KHOU | Josh Marshall

PASADENA, Texas- Beneath the shuffling, sliding and slamming of dominoes, the Stockton family is holding their breath for a stroke of luck. No, not the kind of luck that wins the game; they’re praying for the kind of luck that will save Steven Stockton’s life.

“I was diagnosed in October of 2014 with end stage renal disease,” said 38-year-old Steven Stockton. “Which means I have less than ten percent kidney function left.”

Stockton’s health decline started when doctors diagnosed him with type two diabetes 20 years ago. He called it ‘a superman complex’ that kept him from properly treating his diagnosis.

“It’s not a smart way to go because it’s what got me in my situation now,” said Stockton. “It got me there a lot faster, not paying attention to what doctors told me to do. So I ended up with kidney failure at 38.”

According to the National Kidney Foundation’s most recent numbers, there are more than 100,000 people waiting for kidney transplants. The median wait for a kidney is 3.6 years. Stockton has been on dialysis for two years. He says, on average, he will survive another three years on dialysis. Continue reading