Premier ready to discuss changing rules for organ donation


McNeil wants to consider ‘presumed consent’ law

Premier Stephen McNeil wants to have a public conversation about an opt-out program for organ donation — but implementing it may be more difficult than it sounds.

The term “presumed consent” surfaced this week after France changed their law to ensure every citizen is automatically registered as an organ donor. Their new rules took effect Jan. 1, requiring residents to enter their names on a National Rejection Register if they want to opt out.

Meanwhile, Canada — along with many other countries — still runs on an opt-in program.

Premier Stephen McNeil thinks Nova Scotia is ready to talk about presumed consent, also known as reverse onus.

“On a personal note, I believe it’s something we should be seriously considering,” he said in a media scrum on Thursday. “I think many Nova Scotians are there, but we need to have a public conversation about it.” Continue reading