This 3-year-old who needs a heart transplant adores police. Officers are sending him badges.

THE WASHINGTON POST | Michael S. Rosenwald

Kolton Hessman is obsessed with police officers. He needs a new heart. (Courtesy of Hessman family.)
“We’ve got transplant or death,” Grant Hessman says. “There’s no way to put it gently.”

Hessman is talking about his 3-year-old son Kolton, who has been on life support for more than 60 days in a Nashville hospital waiting for a new heart. His has a half-dozen deformities. He has flat-lined four times.

There is little joy in Kolton’s hospital room, none of the loud laughter and hijinks and wonder that embodies 3-year-olds without tubes in their noses.

But there is love. And there is protection, honor and warm blankets from the country’s men and women in blue.

Before Kolton wound up at Vanderbilt University Hospital in August, his heart about to give out, he was just a little boy obsessed with the police. Continue reading