THE DAILY IOWAN | Eliana Novitch

A new club raises awareness about organ donations in hopes of encouraging people to become donors.

At the age of 9, University of Iowa student Emmalyn Brown became the recipient of a liver transplant after her body’s immune system attacked her liver. Brown had a disease known as autoimmune hepatitis.

“They don’t really know why it all happened. My immune system just went haywire,” Brown said. “I was a perfectly healthy kid until I turned yellow one day and had jaundice. I received my transplant all of two weeks later.”

Brown has been involved with advocating for organ donation with her mother and friends that have also received transplants ever since she received her liver.

“The donation concept can be really hard to grasp; it was especially hard when I was younger. I remember my dad trying to explain it all to me after I woke up from surgery,” Brown said. “They tried to explain that someone else had made a sacrifice and given this gift to me. It was a really hard thing to grasp and still is to some extent.” Continue reading